Pebble Beach Constructions

Think Local
Local builders are part of the community who use local subcontractors and as many local suppliers as possible to keep communities viable. Local builders are committed to the town, we invest in the town, we volunteer and support community organisations, we shop local, we know the extremes of the climate because we are out there in it every day. 

Local builders are not sitting in an office 1200 km away from where your house is being built. We are there on site everyday taking real responsibility for the homes we build. Would you like to deal with some one in Perth or some one who lives in Exmouth?

We have the experience required to design and build homes that suit the extreme conditions of the North West. Phil Hall is a qualified Green Smart Professional who understands how to design homes to take advantage of the positives of the climate while using design elements to control the extremes. Good design will make a home more liveable and will make the home much more efficient reducing running costs.

Instead of picking a plan off the shelf we can work with clients to design and build individual homes that meet their specific needs as well as maximising the the climate positives. We design houses that stand out from the norm.
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Design Standard

As a certified HIA Green Smart builder, I offer the following in design and products as standard in an endeavour to create a home which is designed to stay cool in summer, built to reduce energy consumption, and is made from eco friendly products.
  • Orientation - PBC homes are designed to make the most of the breeze and reduce exposure to the sun.

  • Shade - Designs typically incorporate verandas, patios and alfresco areas to create shade.

  • Windows - Glazing is 6.3mm laminated glass, permanent window shades are installed to reduce radiant heat.

  • Ventilation - Louvres used to increase cross flow including high louvres controlled by remote, marine grade stainless steel fans for durability.

  • Insulation - Both aircell and polyester batts (non-allergenic) installed in the roof and walls, the polyester batts are 90% recycled.          

  • Airconditioning - PBC homes are designed to reduce the reliance on air conditioning.

  • Hot Water - Solar hot water system is standard.

  • Lighting - LED downlights using less energy, creating less heat.

  • Appliances - 5 star rated appliances are used to ensure efficiency and keep energy use to a minimum. 

  • Timber Framing - Timber has a far lower embedded energy when compared with steel. All our timber is treated for termites and is sourced from sustainable plantations.

  • Composite Decking - Recycled plastic and timber used to make long lasting, low maintenance decking. 

Optional Eco-Friendly Additions

  • Grey Water System - A system to reuse waste water from your home and convert it into irrigation for your garden.

  • Water Tank -Reducing your impact on the local water supply & reducing your water bills.
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